Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Maiden Voyage

And it begins...volume 1, chapter 1, section 1, edition 1 etc. Welcome to my blog. My maiden voyage down the Digital Media Communication Highway … or should we say universe.

Why do this? .. because blogs and other digital communication mediums are FASTLY becoming THE platform for communicating your thoughts, beliefs, knowledge, ideas, and opinions (good and not so good) to a targeted community (social and business networks are just starting folks and it is in the first inning) AND the added benefit of being able to reach out and interact with complete strangers who just happened to “Stumble Upon It”.

I run a company called OCTANe in “a near nirvana neverland” called Orange County, CA. We are driven to help create, grow, support, staff and fund more biomedical and hi-tech companies. More companies created. More jobs. More people connected. More square feet leased. More R&D leveraged. More money deployed to science/tech businesses. Our belief is that innovative, IP driven businesses are our future; both here and long-term, anywhere in the US. “Minds and Money” sitting on a bed of capitalism, freedom and entrepreneurial spirit IS our future. Why we don’t invest more in our future businesses instead of trying to save “the dinosaurs” is beyond me, but I digress.

My goal is to write this blog weekly. As I say, goal. Three kids 6 and under and 2 dogs will make the over/under about 40 a year; as it should be, as family and health are first priorities ahead of business.

What will I write about? Well it will MOSTLY be about various issues related to entrepreneurship, capital, university, medical devices, digital technology, finance, clean and green tech, innovation, communications and similar science/tech/money topics and people. These unique, high value added companies and sectors produce the highest paying jobs, careers and economic impact; not to mention great wealth for “founders and funders” which SHOULD work its way back into society through philanthropy. The need for this futuristic “venture philanthropy” is critical to solve our real problems; which is not if a valuation is 4.23X revenue or 4.22X revenue but how we are so woefully failing our youth in math and science in schools; but I digress.

What this blog will not be? Boring. Long. Academic. Sarcastic (yeah right). Not the “King’s best English” or “By the book”; not even sure there is a book in this new medium; if so it’s already out of date. It will be straight forward, topical and thought provoking. It will not be politically focused but I will talk about the political process including the current election; which I find fascinating in the diversity of candidates as well as how the internet and social networks are SIGNIFICANTLY impacting the election; but I digress.

So that’s the intro blog. Hope you enjoy it even though I feel like I just signed a 78 year ARM mortgage with weekly payments.

I look forward to interacting with 100,000’s of my closest friends real soon.


David said...

Sounds great! Looking forward to reading!

David Cuccia
CTO - Modulated Imaging, Inc.

Matt Hellewell said...

I look forward to your comments. I am fascinated with OCTANE, I think it is a fabulous way to congregate talent in Orange County.

Elmer said...

Welcome to the blogoshere!


April 26 Unbirthday Party said...
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Colin Stewart said...

I look forward to trading commentary and comments back and forth.
-- Colin Stewart, "Inside Innovation"

Walt said...

Congratulations on starting this blog! As an Orange County entrepreneur, UC Irvine alumni, and father of two, I'm interested in about every issue raised in this first edition of the OCTANe blog. I'm also new to blogging and agree it's THE forum for targeted discussions. I look forward to the future editions.

Walt White
CEO - Innovonix